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What is Haijo?

If you look to the right hand side you will see a completed Haijo puzzle.

Notice that in each row there are the numbers 1 to 7 repeated once only. In addition you can see that similar numbers can not be found sharing neighbouring squares (even diagonally). It should also be noted that numbers may appear multiple times within columns.

Also notice that there are light grey squares around the grid containing values and arrows. These show the sum of all squares along the indicated diagonal and are therefore useful when trying to solve the puzzle.

It is as simple as that. The actual puzzle is presented in the form of a grid containing some digits already filled in. Hover over the grid to see the starting puzzle.

Please take a look at some examples of Haijo to try this puzzle for yourself. If you need more help then feel free to take a look at this tutorial.

Note: Haijo was created in association with Renger Kas from Bougainvillea Productions

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