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Here are some interesting places on the web.

Puzzle Links
  • Gareth Moore - Gareth worked on many of the Sudoku variants found in the BBC Mind Games magazine. He is still producing quality puzzles and is the publisher of his own monthly "Sudoku Xtra" magazine.
  • Trizm - A Sudoku derivative based within a triangular grid. Andy is just like us at Vexus Puzzle Design, dedicated to creating new puzzles for you all to enjoy.
  • For Smarts - Some fantastic logic puzzles here created and collated by Vladimir Portugalov. Navigrids appeared in the 6th Belarussian Puzzle Championship and google led us to his site. Why not give it a try.
  • Puzzler Media - Navigrids appear every month in Kakuro magazine - why not write in and let them know what you think of it?
  • Puzzle Club - Navigrids and Isolate both feature on this amazing puzzle site. Thousands of puzzles for you to enjoy and a new forum to chat in.
  • What's a Su Doku? - Jakarias posts regular examples of popular logic puzzles and even showcases his own creations. He was kind enough to use a Vexus puzzle in January 2007 so here's a link.

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