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Puzzle ideas

This is a great time to be involved with logic puzzles. There are lots of different types in circulation and they are great fun to solve - but it can be even more fun to create your own.

Imagine if you managed to create the next Sudoku! How amazing would it feel to see people solving your puzzles on the train!

If you think that you have an idea for a great new logic puzzle then why not get in touch with us? We can offer useful feedback and with our excellent contacts within the industry we may be able to help you make it a success.

What makes a great logic puzzle?

A successful logic puzzle should:
  • Be simple to understand
    (Ideally the rules should fit in a single line)
  • Fit a range of abilities
    (The puzzle should range from EASY to DIFFICULT)
  • Not be too difficult to solve
    (Ultra-tough puzzles are no fun at all)
  • Provide solvers with something new
    (We are not looking for Sudoku variants)

Click here to send us your idea, we can't wait to see it!
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